Learn how to pitch, target the right investors, and create financial projections to fundraise successfully.


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Frustrated or overwhelmed with the fundraising process ?

You're in the right place if you're wondering...

  • How do I identify and target investors who are the best fit for me?
  • How do create a strong pitch that will get an investor's attention?
  • How do I actually close investor checks?
  • How do I create 5 year financial projections?
  • How do I respond to sexist investor questions

The success of your fundraise is NOT personal, it's strategic storytelling & math.

If you're ready to stop wasting time and letting the frustration, overwhelm, and rejection of the fundraising journey rule your life, and instead take control to close your first check faster, I'd like to help you.

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"I’m feeling super inspired and grateful to be amongst a group of such accomplished women! I joined this academy because I wanted the practical guidance and know-how of getting to a close, but didn’t realize that what I also *needed* is this feeling of community and inner confidence work required to get there!"

Maeva Hem
Founder, Bread Beauty

"Working with Lisa in her course completely transformed the way I talk about my business and the way I walk into a room. She delivers total mindset upgrade not just as abstract affirmations, but as actual tactics and practices that create power and momentum and the confidence that comes with them. Together with the other participants, she creates an environment that is both super-supportive AND super-serious about preparing you for all the other (uh, LESS supportive) environments you'll need to face. I raised more than $50K while in the course and hit $100K just after. Thanks, Lisa and team! "

Lynn Harris
Founder, Gold Comedy

"The Academy was immensely helpful for me. As a woman entrepreneur, I found the course to be right on point with the issues that I struggle with on both a personal level as well as business and professional. I found the information to be realistic, easy to grasp, straightforward, and broken down to the stuff that really matters compared to other business or investor seminars or courses I have taken. The course materials, video group calls, and one-on-one chats as well as the other wonderful women in the cohort were all valuable, constructive and inspiring! Thank you again Lisa!"

Eree Kim
Founder, Hopp Studios

"The Fast-Track Fundraise has taken transformational to a new level by presenting a no-nonsense approach to the mental and tactical issues of fundraising. An intense 8-week program, Lisa's unwavering positivity carries you though a deep dive into every facet of your company from business model to presentation materials, and gets to the core of your mission. The program successfully balances group participation, amazing mentor-led discussions, 1:1 meetings and warm introductions that keep you engaged and focused on solving your specific problem-sets. After completion, the confidence I've gained by reworking the message as well as delivery to investors has transformed non-interest or action by investors, into a select group of interested Angels to help close my round by Fall. If you're ready to seriously move the needle, sign up!"

Susan Bruch
Founder, ZipShop

Meet Your Fundraising Coach:

Lisa Wang is the Founder of SheWorx, the leading global community & event series for 20K+ female entrepreneurs and has helped hundreds of women successfully raise money through her coaching programs.  

In addition to empowering women with the confidence and tools to fundraising, she writes for Forbes driving gender parity in tech, Host of the Enoughness Podcast, and has been awarded Forbes 30 Under 30 in Venture Capital, CIO's top 20 female entrepreneurs to watch. Her work in closing the funding gap has been featured in WSJ, CNN Money, The Atlantic, Fortune, USA Today and more. 

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