Apply for the Fast-Track Fundraise Master Program: Designed to Achieve YOUR Fundraising Goals. 

Week 1: The Fundraising Mindset: Understand the investor types of investors you can target, the odds of raising, and the expectations if you plan to get venture investment.

Week 2: Playing The Fundraising Game: Learn the strategies for going into investor meetings, poised, powerful, and leave with a check in hand

Week 3: Pitching Yourself & Your Company: Learn to turn your vision into a concise and powerful pitch. Clean up your pitch deck with clear battle-tested templates

Week 4: Prepping Numbers & Deal Terms: Own your numbers and speak confidently about your financial projections

Week 5: Preparing Your Final Checklist of Materials: Make sure you have everything you need to make a good impression in your investor meeting. Learn Strategies to effectively respond to sexist questions flip the power dynamic.

Week 6: Building Investors Targets & Activating Outreach: Create your targeted MVIP (Most Valuable Investor Partners) list, and gain effective cold email/warm intro/follow up templates to increase your response rate

Week 7: Following Up & Closing The Deal: Learn how to negotiate the best terms for your raise and create urgency & FOMO to get investors to take action and close.

Week 8: Review + Sharpen Your Fundraising Tools: Review key concepts that you will use in every investor meeting going forward. 

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